How to remove acne and bad habits that leads to skin problem?

Last updated 29 Sep 2015

We understand that your day can get hectic, and you forgot to take the best care of your skin, and you end up getting skin breakouts and inflammation. Some people say that they are doing their best to put on the best moisturizer and other skin care, but still having skin problems. Feeling lost? Here are some of the bad habits that you might not even realize that it is ruining your skin! Let’s take a look..

1. Using Facial Products in Jars / Storing For Too Long

Because most skin cares come in jars, we did not think that it is necessarily a bad thing. Most anti-aging products are filled with antioxidants. Did you know that antioxidants do break down when being exposed too much to air and light? If you use facial skin in jars, we recommend that you close the lid tightly when you are not using. Also store your product in places where there are not of bright lights or close to heat. The product become less and less effective when being exposed to air. Therefore, one way you can prevent this is to use products that are packed in tubes or bottles. We recommend Radical Skincare Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum and the Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer. Also to remember that these products have an expiration date. Do not store it for too long because chances are, you are doing harm to your skin than actually rescuing it. 2. Skipping Sleep

So many of us now have trouble getting a good sleep at night. This could be due to stress from home or work. Or it could simply because you find it difficult to sleep in general. A good sleep is very beneficial to your body. When you are getting rest, it has positive effects on your energy level, increase metabolism and your mood. More importantly, it has a big effect on your facial skin. A lack of sleep create dark under-eye circles and eye bags. When your skin is not getting enough fuel from sleep, it becomes very dull and also pale. A way to help you sleep better is to find and notice what relaxes you. It could be a good book before bed. Some people find it relaxing when taking a bad. Another way to take this even further is to use a stress reliever shower gel such as This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel. Another great sleep stimulator is a pillow spray. A light natural scent can help you restore sleeping patterns that you have lost, which leads to a better skin and overall health.
3. Placing Your Phone on Your Face Too Much

Yes, it is impossible for anyone not to talk on your mobile phone. It is our second nature to be connect to the world around us. We’re not saying that you should talk on the phone at all. BUT! If you need to be on the phone for an extensive period of time, we recommend that you use a headphone or even better, a Bluetooth headphone. This is because your smartphone screen is full of bacteria and dust from your hands and every surface that your device happen to made contact with. Gross. So, remember to clean your screen throughout the day.

That’s not the only problem. When you place the screen against your face, the pressure also traps oil in your skin, which leads to pimples. Another great thing to carry around is a cleansing facial wipe such as the Eco Care Facial Cleansing Wipes. It is a quick removal of dirt and oil from your facial skin to prevent the breakout of acne and other skin inflammation from being exposed to dust, germs, and pollution throughout the day!

4. Relying Solely On Makeup Cleansing Wipes to Wash Your Face

Although makeup cleaning wipe is a great product, we do not recommend using cleansing wipes exclusively to clean your makeup, especially after a long day. One way to make sure that you are cleaning properly before you hit the bed is to make sure that you also follow with a quick rinse or a quick wash after wiping your face. Also do not forget to apply moisturizer after the wash too.

5. Sleeping Without Cleaning Your Makeup

Guilty! We have all done this at one point. You come home and feel exhausted. “May be one time wouldn’t hurt.” Wrong. It is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin. It is better to take 10 minutes and clean your skin properly. When you don’t remove your makeup at night, it clogs your oil glands. What does this mean? Your trapped makeup actually makes your pores larger! This is not something that you can regain easily once it has been enlarged. When the collagen level declines as you ages, it becomes difficult for the skin to become elastic. And of course, trapped makeup will lead to inflammation and generate acnes. The recommended makeup removers are Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water, Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk, and Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion.
6. Dirty Pillowcase

You are spending a lot of time in bed. Not only that your face is exposed to germs and dirt when you go outdoors. One of the dirtiest places that you constantly put your face against is your very own pillowcase. Your pillowcase has a buildup of residue from your hair and clothes. Therefore, it is very important that your change new sheets and pillowcases to avoid acne breakout.

Moreover, a cotton pillowcase is another thing that can cause harm to your skin. Because cotton creates creases, it is likely to create a lot of friction against your sensitive skin. A way to prevent this is considering changing to a satin pillowcase, or even silk. They are less prone to creases and reduces friction between your skin and the fabric.


7. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brush

Where do you normally store your makeup brush? Some store them in a designated drawer with 10 other makeup brushes. Some store them in a little container in their bathroom. Without even using, it probably already has dusts from your room on it. That’s not all. After countless makeup sessions, your makeup bushes also picked up eyeshadow and concealers. Overtime, it gets caked up in you brush. It is a buildup of germs when it came in contact with your mouth, eyes, and bathroom. Therefore, do invest in a decent brush cleaner so that you are not constantly contaminating your facial skin while putting your make up on.
  8. Applying Skincare Out of Order

Have you ever felt like you have bought the best and the most expensive products out there, but still your skin has not improved like it promises? Well, it could be that you are applying your skincare in the wrong order. To get the most out of your skincare product, it is important to use them correctly, especially in the right order. You should apply products from thin consistency and slowly moving towards thick consistency. For example, toner should be applied first because of its light and watery consistency. Serum is next, then the heavy creamier product should be the very last thing you apply. This could be products like eye repair cream and other night facial cream. If you use a heavier product first, it will likely to block light weight products from being dissolved or penetrate down to your skin. If you apply the lighter product first, the heavier product will still be able to enter your skin, making your regimen much more effective.
9. Removing Acne By Popping Them Yourself

It is difficult not to try to pop the pimples when you see them on your face. It seems like it is the best way to remove acne. But it actually does more harm to your skin by popping the pimples. When you have a dermatologist drains your pimple, he or she actually apply the pressure downward. However, when people try to do it at home, the pressure is usually applied from the side. This causes the infection to actually penetrate down even deeper. A major problem to this is that you are actually permanently enlarging your pores. How to remove acne then? We do recommend that you should keep your temptation to pop your pimples down and try to apply products that will reduce the inflammation. Products like acne treatment can help heal and prevent future pimple breakouts. We recommend the Origins Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel to help reduce the inflammation. There are also many other natural pimple remedies such as applying honey directly onto the pimple. Honey is known to be a natural antibiotic.

10. Not Using Sunblock

Being exposed directly and indirectly can cause harmful skin diseases like cancer. Wearing sunblock with an SPF of at least 15 can reduce your change of having skin cancer by about 40 to 50 percent. Everyone should wear sunblock whether if you are going to be directly under the sun or not. You are always exposed to the UV rays. Skin that are damaged by the sun will ages you too! So, put those sunblock on to reduce your chance of having skin problems!
  11. Not Eating Right

There are so many things that you intake daily that are make your skin more prone to ace. Milk can actually increase your chance of getting an acne. Milk and even organic milk contains hormones and other growth factors that gets absorbed into your bloodstream. These hormones contain androgenic, which can cause acne in women.

Food with high sugar and snacks are also another thing to watch. Because sweet foods or snacks can cause your blood sugar level to rise rapidly, causing a boost in insulin. When this happens, it can cause a trigger which can lead to the growth of cells that are sometimes pore-clogging. Moreover, it can activate actions to your oil glands, ultimately leading to acne breakouts. So, it is important to watch what you eat, and if your skin is reacting differently to certain foods. By knowing how your body reacts, it will help you prevent skin problems while also staying healthy.

12. Not Getting Enough Exercises

You might wonder why this is a bad habit for your skin. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Less stress can also reduce your chance of having acne breakouts. That’s not all. There are benefits to the health of your skin when you are engaging in a physical activity. When you are exercising, it increases your heartrate, which leads to the increase in blood circulation. This means that your body is able to carry more oxygen throughout your body, especially your skin. Wastes are also being removed when blood gets circulated. You don’t even have to leave home to get plenty of exercises such as doing yoga, lifting weights, or dancing. All you need is a little bit of space at home, a good yoga mat, small weights, and a good training sneakers! But, do remember to take a good shower after your workouts. Sweat can cause irritation. Therefore, it is important to shower right away.

13. Not Cleaning Your Hairline Properly

One of the clogged up area of your face is along the hairline. There are so many residues that gets trapped near your forehead, and especially around hairline. Oils from your hair styling products such as hairspray or hair gel can get really clogged up if you don’t shampoo your hair well. Another way to prevent this problem is to strategically style your hair. How? Style your hair right before you wash your face and leave your home! This way, any products that are laying around on your skin when you style your hair gets washed away, instead of leaving it to contaminate your skin for the whole day. Another way to reduce this problem is to use hair products that are oil free. Especially for sensitive skins, we recommend a gentle facial wash like the Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Cream. It gently cleans your face while also adding antioxidants and vitamin E.
  14. Curing Your Skin Problem With “Natural Remedies”

This trend has been spreading like madness over the last year. If you are on Pinterest and looked for “skin remedies,” chances are you have seen one of those using lemon to clear your skin from breakouts and brighten your skin. This does not always work. It is actually quite bad if you have a sensitive skin. Remember, lemon juice and other citrus juice is on a 2 on a pH scale. This can harm your skin in a short run, as well as in the long run. It can cause immediate skin problems such as irritation, rashes, and burn. Lemon can dry out your face and break skin’s acid mantle. Acid mantle is very important barrier for your skin to have because it protects your skin against bacteria. We recommend that you use natural remedies moderately. A better and more effective way to have a brighter skin is to use toner to clear up your face from oil, and regularly apply facial moisturizers.
15. Using Your Hands On Your Face

As previously mentioned, it is important to keep your phone display clean and away from your face. But one of the dirtiest surface that can come in contact with your face is your own hands. It is almost everyone’s habit to rest your chin or cheek on your hand. After a long day out, you might not want to do that. Make sure that you constantly wash your hands, or use hand sanitizers to clear away germs.
More importantly, before getting into your beauty routine, you need to be absolutely sure that your hands are as clean as they can possibly be. You have to be especially careful when you are using jarred facial products. You should not stick your bare finger into the cream. Instead, use a makeup spatula to scoop out the product to avoid contaminating your facial product with dust and germs. This way your product will stay clean and effective!
As you can see, there are many habits that contribute to skin problems such as acne breakouts and wrinkles. By getting rid of these habits and constantly stick to your cleaning routines, you are on your way to getting rid of acne forever and have the best skin yet!


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