Bigger and Better Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus - Not so much!

Last updated 30 Sep 2015

Smartphones have been newly released like a new batch of cookies. The trend has definitely been releasing a “bigger and better” version of its predecessor. Some are true, and some are not. Most of you probably have heard or even own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Well, just last week, Samsung have unveiled a bigger version of the S6 Edge. Though the first initial announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Edge series was only 5 months ago, fans are now wondering if the “new” Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is worth the purchase. Let’s take a look closer look to see if this bigger device is actually better..

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Design
If you are expecting a “new” Samsung design, then you will be disappointed. At first glance, you will probably think that the current design is the same or very similar to its sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge. It is not necessarily a bad thing, because this new device has been designed to mirror and retain the best features in the original design that made S6 Edge sells. With the two curved glass sleek design display around its edges, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + benefits greatly from these stylish elements.

It is important to note, however, that the designers really think about the practicality when designing. If you notice, the design of the casing of the camera for Samsung Edge Plus seems to be much more practical. How? The camera for the S6 Edge + is protected under aluminum frame instead of being designed to protrude out like the iPhone 6. Which means, people who have an opportunity to view this new device can also attest to the fact that the look is not only sleeker, but also more practical in use, especially for those who travel a lot with their devices.

The designers of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has also taken into consideration the weight of the new device as being a major factor in its overall feel as well. Which means, even though it much bigger than the Galaxy S6 Edge, the user should not notice a lot of added weight when they are carrying it around. This is because the designers have added all of the additional diameters that’s needed with only 20 grams more in weight. Therefore, the total weight can be measured at only 153 grams. This is a big design milestone that not a lot of people take notice.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus comes in four beautiful colors.
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The Display
Another area of innovative opportunity in this new design is the display. One of the things that Samsung fans will find disappointing is that there is not much change to the display. However, you also have to consider the fact that the current technology on the Samsung phones are far ahead from other phones out there. So, fans should not feel disappointed. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has the following specs for their display:
  • Curved display - 5.7 inch design, which is similar to other noteworthy flagships that have been introduced by Samsung Galaxy
  • 2560 x 1440 pixels along with a 582 ppi
  • Super AMOLED technology incorporated. So, users can expect their quality of the images that they take to be clear, distinct and amazing.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Software
When people buy a new Samsung device, there are many different features that they will be looking for. In this case, buyers can expect to benefit greatly from the use of the Android Operating System Lollipop. In specific, the 5.1.1 version that users are also raving about. In addition to this most coveted operating system, people can also make use of several other pre-installed applications such as:
  • S-Voice
  • S-Health
  • Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Apps Edge
These are all great pre-installed apps that will make your S6 Edge Plus more than just a phone. For instance, the Apps Edge is used as a quick shortcut to gain access to their favorite apps. Which means, people can save time when they are choosing the apps that they like. In this introductory phase, users will also have access to S6 Edge + and the software that the manufacturers have included on this device.
  • People Edge
  • SideSync
People Edge and Side Sync are also great apps because they are made with the user’s lifestyle in mind. For instance, People Edge is designed to gain access to the users’ contact list, while SideSync is used to transfer an individual’s personal files from their mobile phones to their computers. Another great feature that many users normally enjoy is answering their telephone calls via their Mac or Windows computer. In some situations, this type of feature can make it much easier and convenient for the user who may not travel around a lot, but remains in more dormant environment. Which means, they can continue working on different tasks without having to pick up another device that they may have a difficult time finding when a call is coming in.
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Hardware and Performance
One of the biggest deciding factor when buying a new phone is definitely the performance. It is important that they know how to choose the best hardware in the industry as well. With this in mind, the Edge+ is definitely a great buy, considering for its hardware. The Edge + takes performance another step further. From the 3GB of RAM from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Edge+ gets a 4GB of RAM. Here are the following specs for the hardware:
  • Exynos 7420 chip, which can be described as an Octa-Core 64 bit SoC processor
  • 14nm FinFet semiconductors - designed to provide maximum performance without generating too much heat
  • RAM of 4G -designed to make browser use smoother - for heavy users that like to multi-task
  • S6 Edge + - available in 32GB and 64GB only. This came to us as a surprise that it no longer offers the 128GB model. This could simply be a way to keep the cost down.
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The Edge Plus is able to render impressive graphics. The powerful 4GB RAM will ensure your gaming experience will be flawless.

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As always, Samsung has been a leader in camera technology, so consumers can expect more of the same when they purchase their S6 Edge+. This device has front and back camera features that's make taking selfies and other pictures a snap. With the highest quality, people can take awesome pictures with the maximum resolution of 16 megapixels (main back camera) and 5 megapixels (selfie camera). Which means, S6 Edge + features are still heads above other devices. But then again, these specs are not “new” of Samsung, although it is still a good spec. Although there is no bump up in the number of megapixels, it's good to remind yourself that the iPhone 6 Plus camera is only at 8MP. So, the 16MP on the Samsung is pretty significant.
The S6 Edge + has also been designed to capture all kinds of different moments, especially those that are taking in fast motion. Because of the incorporation of the 16 megapixel camera, people take their shots in the richest quality and details. The design of this camera is ideal for those who want to capture quick moments so that they can also freeze them later, as needed. This camera is far superior to others devices in the industry because it is commonly known as the fastest in today’s market. This is because the camera on the S6 Edge Plus packed with a F/1.9 lens.
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Probably the most exciting new feature that you will enjoy is live streaming. Live streaming features can also be a big game changer in the industry as well. By using a native camera app, an individual can send the pictures that they capture directly to YouTube when they need to. Which means, the person who participates in all kinds of different social network activities can begin to take their video taking to an entire new level. Privacy have also been taken into consideration. For instance, if you only want a group of friends to see the video, you can limit your audience by making the video available through invites only. This can be especially helpful if you working on a project in their school or at work, you may send live streaming to those involved so that they can see the type of research that they are currently performing. Those who loves video blogging or “vlog” will also find this feature super handy, and can be an advantage among other vloggers.
Another great benefit of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is the ability to be creative. This is done via the use of the Collage Mode. When an individual uses the collage mode, they can also create their own unique videos. For example, if an individual has taken a lot of short videos, they can arrange them all together with the Collage mode feature. Thereby, creating a collage of different videos all into one window.
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Battery and Charging
One of the biggest fuss of any device and especially with Samsung phones is the battery. Recently, Samsung have remove the flexibility of a replaceable battery. So, if you are hoping for a whopping size in battery, the Edge Plus will not provide that. Samsung Galaxy Edge Plus includes a 3000mAh battery, which is just a little bit bigger than the battery in the S6 Edge. Because this battery is not a big difference from the S6 Edge, the jury is still out on the performance of this kind of battery and the size of the bigger screen. We shall wait and see if this extra 400mAh will be enough to power the larger display.

Another important feature that people are raving about is the wireless charging feature. This feature is available via a wireless process that allows the individual to lay down their mobile device on top of the wireless charger. Samsung claimed that the phone can be fully charged within a 120 minute timeframe. On the other hand, if the individual uses a traditional charger can expect the charging time to be around 90 minutes. That’s is a pretty good number.


Oringal Samsung wireless charger can be found here.

New Accessories
Even though the physical keyboard has been outdated and replaced by touch screen technology, Samsung has included this keyboard as an accessory with the S6 Edge Plus. This is because some users still like the hands on feel that these keyboards give. However, it is important to note that this accessory has been poorly designed and leaves out ergonomics. It looks like with a rush job to include this accessory, it's only a snapshot version of the touch screen keyboard. Which means, it’s not really attractive or designed with any special purpose in mind. However, for those who want to purchase the physical keyboard, they can look for the Samsung QWERTY keyboard at a cost of $80.00 in the United States. Though the price is quite costly, it may be a game changer for those who may need this keyboard as an accessory.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Price and Philippines Release Date
For those who are interested, this device is available in different countries at different times. In specific, in the U.S., it’s now available for consumers to pre-order it, and it is expected to be in the stores on August 21st. The price for Edge + has been announced at $768.00 and $864.00. We bet you it will be very expensive here too. With this pricing, manufacturers may not reach the numbers that they obtained with the S6 Edge when it was released. Further, the initial release date for buyers in the Philippines has not been confirmed. However, it is expected to be at least by the end of September.

Overall Impression? Not impressed.
This time, it is safe to say that you will not find a big change, rather than size and a RAM upgrade. This is because the Edge and the Edge + are essential basically the same, with the exception of the size. If you are those who need an upgrade on performance and live streaming on video recording, then the Edge+ is worth the upgrade. Other than that, the smaller Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge should do the job. We are not saying that the S6 Edge Plus is not a good phone, but we just don’t feel that it is different enough from the S6 Edge. You will save a bit of money getting the S6 Edge, and probably will not miss what S6 Edge Plus has to offer!

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