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April 1946 was when the Casio Company was founded by Kahsio Tadeo, who was a fabrication engineer by profession. Tadeo had a particular interest in transforming the mainly mechanical adding machines of the time into electronic calculators, and came up with innovations to make it happen. Instead of using a full keypad (which meant keys from 1 to 99) a ten number keypad was used, also the number of displays was reduced from one to three. Those two innovations by themselves meant that calculators became smaller and simpler.

Casio made low cost yet reliable electronic goods including calculators and keyboards, which had become really popular by the 1980s. The 1980s was also the decade when Casio made highly popular and innovative digital watches. The company was one of the leading sellers of quartz technology watches. Some of its most notable innovations were calculator watches, displaying times from different time zones, displaying temperatures, and even early forms of a global positioning system.

These days Casio is probably best known for its hard wearing wristwatches. People trust their Casio watches to keep working in the toughest of conditions. The company produces different series of watches that are designed to be used in certain conditions. It sells the Wave Ceptor range, the G Shock series, and the Pro trek / Pathfinder series. Muslims can buy a watch with an in built compass and alarm so that they pray in the right direction towards Mecca, and at the right time.

Casio played a notable role in the development of digital cameras, and the company continues to make reliable products that incorporate the latest technology at reasonable prices. 

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