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Smart Watches : If you're a health buff and you want to keep track of the calories you've burned, the Fitbit flex wristband is what you need. Fitness is not only moni...
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PHP 11,324.95
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PHP 2,421.13
Smart Watches : Unlike most smart watches that look more athletic, the Moto 360 looks more like an elegant heirloom piece. It runs all day and can be charged at night...
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PHP 1,943.00
Smart Watches : The Samsung Gear Fit is a fashionable accessory you can wear even when you're not working out. It is water-resistant and dust-proof so you don't worry...
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PHP 6,985.00
Smart Watches : Wearing a Pebble Smart Watch is a smart decision. You get to wear a waterproof, lightweight accessory that not only tells time but tells you who calle...

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