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Mobile Phones Acer : Software Multimedia Memory Processor Dimension Display Power Integrated Camera Primary: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Secondary: 2 M...
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Mobile Phones Acer : Technical Information Messaging Type MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service) SMS (Short Message Service) Sensor Type Ambient Light Sensor G-sensor Proximi...

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We now live in a world run by computers and the services they provide, technology is updated seemingly daily and technology companies are in a race to the cyber finish line, to make the best products available across a multitude of platforms and people. Perhaps one of the best brands is Acer, which was founded by Stan Shih, his wife, and others in Taiwan. Acer provides a large variety of different technology products including computers, television sets, smartphones, tablets and even cloud storage among others. Since the company was founded they have been a front runner in the world of technology, always putting out newer and better products.

Acer holds high business standards, and produces products that are easily attainable for anyone. They have managed to make affordable products that often beat more expensive products on the market, such as Apple products. They have managed to do this by constantly developing their technology, adding features, while also sustaining solid products that last. For instance, their computers are well built, while offering a variety of different frills and top market features, though they also offer basic designs that don't include all of the extras their higher end products do. Their televisions are smooth, stylish and allow for perfect HD viewing at any angle, always remaining the highest resolution at all times. Their tablets are giving the likes of iPad and other competitors a run for their money, by allowing high end features with a sleek design, often for less price than others.

Not only does Acer manufacture computers, smartphones and the like, they have also produced products that relies on internet connection, such as their new cloud storage which allows each user to customize their cloud, as it runs on the user's device, eliminating security concerns that many other online cloud services have. Acer products allow anyone to have a high end device or service, and many of them at that. Because of this, they have become a top runner in the race of the newest and boldest technology. Not only are their products often better than many of their competitor's, they're also environmentally friendly.

Acer is a front runner as is, though due to their integration of IOT services, which is expected to be worth 1.7 trillion by 2020, they will be ahead of the game even for years to come. As their technology becomes more advanced Acer has been growing, becoming a favorite brand for many. This is due to the fact that they offer high end products that are affordable, durable, environmentally friendly as well as numerous other services while remaining trustworthy, honest, and even humanitarian like brand. The lure of this formula has been leading many to become Acer users, giving them an advantage over other producers. Their boost and ability isn't slowing down, and the company is expected to hold their rank as one of the best technology companies on the market. 


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