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MAC Cosmetics

Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan founded MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) in 1984 in Toronto. They were also assisted in product development by Vic Casale. The company was acquired by Estée Lauder Companies in 1998, after they had gained a controlling interest in the company in 1996. Complications during surgery led to the death of Frank Angelo a year before the acquisition took place, in 1997.

Today MAC Cosmetics are available to all consumers worldwide, but the company was originally set up to provide professional makeup artists with a range of products that could be used on stage or during photoshoots which would stand up to the bright lights. Before these cosmetics were developed, stage make up was being used, or heavy cosmetics that would have to be caked on to the skin. Consumers are now able to buy MAC Cosmetics from a variety of different department stores or online.

Consumers will find that all of their makeup essentials are available from MAC Cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara and foundation. In addition to cosmetics the MAC range also includes make up brushes, fragrances and skin care products. While most MAC products do not contain oil, those that require oil as an emollient only use natural oils such as jojoba. 


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