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With plants based in the USA, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand, Kawasaki motorcycles are manufactured by the Motorcycle and Engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Originally manufactured under the Meguro name by Kawasaki Aircraft, after they purchased a failing motorcycle manufacturer called the Meguro Manufacturing Co. Ltd, with whom they had a previous partnership with. They left the Meguro name behind and formed the Kawasaki Motor Sales. Some very early models of Kawasaki have a Kawasaki Aircraft emblem on the fuel tank.

1962 saw engineers developing a new four stroke engine for smaller cars, this was not long lived ceasing development the same year, seeing a number of engineers moved to Meguro to work on the SG and K1, a single cylinder OHC 250 CC engine. Kawasaki and Meguro merged in 1963 to form the Kawasaki Motorcycle Company, and from the years 62-67 their emblem used was a flag within a wing.

The early sixties saw the American consumers reject the Meguro K2, which had been marketed as a test response, lack of power seen as the main factor. Jump forward to the mid sixties and Kawasaki were getting a steady stream of motorcycles exported. The popularity of the Kawasaki brand grew even more with the introduction of the H1 Mach III in 68 and various enduro-style motorcycles aimed to compete with the biggest brands in the market. 

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